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Safelles is a family owned business that provides Luxury Lighting Solutions that blend modern convenience with style.


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From restaurants, office spaces, hotels and more, our lights offer customizable illumination, enhancing any environment.


Love these lamps so much! Use them for task lighting on the kitchen counter and move to the dining table for mood lighting. Beautiful design.


Unique & stylish, providing perfect accent lighting, and love that they are dimmable. I made another purchase after receiving the first two.

Danny G

We've been looking for years to find the perfect lighting solution for our deck, and we found them at Safelles. Classy and well made. Highly recommend.


Purchased 30 for my restaurant and couldn't be happier. Customers and staff love them. So convenient and Safelles has great customer service.


My kids use them for homework, legos, puzzles, and love that they can move them around where they need them. Never worrying about outlets. Love these!

Jennifer R

I bought two for myself and loved them so much. I give them as gifts all the time now. They are the perfect gift, everyone loves them!

Dale M

These are the perfect light at night when you don't want the bright overhead ones. I absolutely love the dimmable feature!

Mary S

I have them all over my house but my favorite is the ambient light for my nighttime shower. The best part of my day got so much better with these lights.


The amount of compliments I get on these lights. I have several different styles and I love them all so much. I will never go back to traditional lamps.

Paige G